Govt to Distribute Packaged Cooking Oil to Indonesia's Eastern Region

Antara - 05 July 2022 17:07 WIB
Govt to Distribute Packaged Cooking Oil to Indonesias Eastern Region
Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan (Photo: MI)
Jakarta: The Trade Ministry confirmed that it will immediately distribute packaged bulk cooking oil to Indonesia's eastern region to realize nationwide equalization of cooking oil prices.

Trade Minister Zulkifli Hasan stated here on Tuesday that the average price of national bulk cooking oil was at Rp15 thousand per liter.
This is since the price in Papua, Maluku, and half of Sulawesi is still high, at Rp20 thousand per liter on average.

"We will pack the cooking oil priced at Rp14 thousand with simple packaging," he noted.

"It may be cheaper and easier, so that the price can reduce in remote places, such as Sulawesi and Papua, from the average Rp20 thousand per liter," he explained.

Large storage units weighing one ton for every tank are still used in the distribution of cooking oil to Indonesia's eastern region, thereby making the distribution of cooking oil to islands and highlands more difficult.

Packaged bulk cooking oil will facilitate the process of distributing goods to remote regions without being hindered by logistical issues.

The highest retail price of bulk cooking oil in Sumatra, Java, and Bali currently stood at Rp14 thousand per liter.

In fact, there are several regions in Java and Bali where the cooking oil price is below the highest retail price.

The trade ministry stated that 28 producers were involved in the production of packaged bulk cooking oil with the trademark, Minyak Kita.

The unveiling event for packaged bulk cooking oil will be held tomorrow on Wednesday.

State-owned food enterprise PT Perusahaan Perdagangan Indonesia (Persero) expressed readiness to help the ministry to provide packaged cooking oil to regions targeted by the government to promptly reduce the cooking price there.

The company's president director, Nina Sulistyowati, noted that distribution cost became one of the points of consideration. Thus, the company will cooperate in accordance with the government's instruction by providing simple packaged cooking oil.

"Cooking oil availability at affordable pricing with be ensured in other further regions, such as Sulawesi, Maluku, to Papua. The government expects that the current price can go down," she remarked.


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