Indonesia's Participation in 2020 Dubai Expo to Build Nation Branding: Ministry

    Antara - 01 October 2021 19:01 WIB
    Indonesias Participation in 2020 Dubai Expo to Build Nation Branding: Ministry
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    Jakarta: Director General of the National Export Development (PEN) of the Trade Ministry Didi Sumedi stated that Indonesia's participation in the 2020 Dubai Expo is one of the steps to build nation branding in contributing to the global economy.

    "We are optimistic of introducing the future of Indonesia and our commitment in the global economy arena through the global expo in Dubai," Sumedi told ANTARA on Friday.


    The Indonesian Pavilion at the 2020 Dubai Expo is themed "Creating the Future, From Indonesia to The World" with the concept of "Connecting Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow," which describes Indonesia's past, present, and future readiness.

    The Indonesian government will showcase cultural developments, including natural resources, innovation, technological developments, and trade progress, Sumedi stated.

    Through the 2020 Dubai Expo, the Trade Ministry is optimistic of promoting Indonesia's tourism to invite more tourists to visit in future that will contribute to the nation's economic growth.

    "This is because Indonesia is known for its natural beauty. We are optimistic of introducing it to the world, so it will bring more revenue to us," Sumadi affirmed.

    On the other hand, Indonesia's trade volume will also increase through the display of technological advancements and products that have the potential to be exported to foreign countries.

    "We will also introduce our locally produced products that are expected to have an impact on our trade volume. That is what we expect from the results of Indonesia's participation in the Dubai Expo," he emphasized.

    He is also optimistic that in the end, introducing Indonesia to the world will have an impact on trade, investment, and tourism to boost the national economy.

    "Obviously, that is our target, whether in the next year or in several years. We are hopeful of the 2020 Dubai Expo bringing benefits to us," he added.


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