Indonesian Pavilion at 2020 Dubai Expo Continues to be Prepared

    Media Indonesia, Christopher Harindra - 04 Desember 2019 13:43 WIB
    Indonesian Pavilion at 2020 Dubai Expo Continues to be Prepared
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    Jakarta: The Indonesian government through the Ministry of Trade continues to prepare for Expo 2020 in Dubai which will take place on October 20, 2020, until April 10, 2021.

    "We continue to encourage the ministries, institutions, regional governments and sponsors to continue to prepare themselves to provide the best for the Indonesian people. This is in accordance with the direction of the President to succeed in the Dubai 2020 Expo," said Director General of National Export Development Dody Edward.

    PT Astra International Tbk, the main sponsor of the Indonesian Pavilion, said it fully supports the Indonesian government in participating at the Dubai World Expo 2020

    "The presence of Astra is the third time after participating in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the 2015 Milan World Expo. Astra hopes that through support at the Dubai World Expo 2020 they can contribute to the nation's name through the Indonesian Pavilion. This spirit is in line with Astra's ideals, namely prosperity together with the nation, "said Head of Corporate Communications of PT Astra International Boy Kelana Soebroto.

    Meanwhile, PT Wijaya Karya Persero (Wika) said that it concentrates on completing the construction of the Indonesian Pavilion.

    In a separate location, the April Group said it is ready to provide interesting information for visitors at the Indonesian Pavilion.


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