Govt Urged to Lower Fuel Price

    Annisa ayu artanti - 14 Desember 2015 16:55 WIB
    Govt Urged to Lower Fuel Price
    Illustration (Photo: Antara Foto/Andika Wahyu), Jakarta: The declining price of world oil price, at US$37 per barrel, has made the Member of the Commission VII at the House of Representatives (DPR), Ramson Siagian, to urge the government in reducing the Premium fuel price from Rp7,300 for Java-Madura-Bali (Jamali) and Rp7,400 for non-Jamali, to Rp6,500 per liter.
    "The world oil price is currently at US$37 per barrel, so it is equivalent to Rp3,250 per liter, if we want to raise 100 percent composition of the tanker, shipment, distribution, processing, profit, tax and Pertamina's profit, times 100 percent will total at only Rp6,500 per liter. So I suggest to lower the Premium price," Ramson mentioned in a discussion, at Gedung Dewan Pers, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Jakarta, Sunday (12/13/2015).
    He thinks that with the ministerial regulations which stated the adjustment of fuel price is regulated at 3-6 months, the government may process and evaluate the selling price of domestic fuel by referring to the world oil price.
    "As the ministerial regulation said there can be changes of price within three months, when it should go down, it should go down," he mentioned.
    Moreover, he added, the government is also urged to be more transparent in assigning fuel price.
    "So the people may feel and if there is a surplus can be told to the people," he mentioned.


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